I’ve worked professionally as an artist for most of my adult life having originally transferred from Architecture to study Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic in the early 1970’s.

Through the years my work has been pretty diverse partly in my attempt to sustain an income, but also motivated by a desire to learn new skills and extend my horizons. This actually is a continuing process, fueled by the desire to explore new possibilities as well as by a reluctance to be confined to any particular idiom, or to remain static.

I also believe that as an artist I should be adaptable and able to turn my hand to whatever comes along, and even to please people. Maybe I’m something of a jobbing artist in this respect, although I do of course continue to pursue my own creative convictions and agenda also, and find that the different disciplines feed into each other.

Another significant part of my activity has been the opportunity to share something of my experience with others through art demonstrations, workshops, courses and classes, an area I’ve been involved in for many years now.

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